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your spot sounds better with the monster...
musicmonster is a harmonizing team of experienced producers & composers, delivering state of the art sound for international tv-commercials. each member of our network is a specialist and originator of his own musical genre and style. therefore, musicmonster can always deliver on the cutting edge of today's music production.  whatever the task, pop, classic, jazz, alternative hiphop, ... or even those charming retro-sounds of the 60's & 70's, musicmonster boosts your vision with authentic & innovative sound.

only the best support for your creative work...
musicmonster is a cooperation with tonetemple studios, therefore we are now able to incorporate a breathtaking variety of exclusive vintage instruments make your music sound authentic and vibrant. furthermore our network of artists has widely increased adding an even wider range of top musicians to your creative reach. whatever the future will be .. the monster is already initial part of it. feel free to contact us and challenge us with the implementation of your vision.


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ev. kirchentag / '09
play philipp poisel

volvic landfrucht & soundlogo / '08
play landfrucht

wilkinson quattro titanium / '07
play new generation

leibniz erdnussspass / '07
play nachschub

wilkinson quattro titanium/ '06
play did you feel anything

deutsche post / '06
play wer?
maggi würzwelt / '06
play bochum - neapel
skoda / '05
play 100 years
skoda / '05
play tour de france

mercedes benz / '05
play ipod
dhl /' 04
play megacorp (coproduced by doublehead music, stuttg.)
k-fee / '04
play jogger play angler play buddha
play yoga play golfer ...



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